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Live Casino – Options to Play in Real Time

 Since Slot E Wallet came on the scene, we’ve revolutionized how you play online casino games. One of the main ways we’ve made it better than ever is by offering you live casino or “live dealer games” straight from the privacy of your home.

The best things about traditional live casinos are no longer unattainable if you don’t live close enough to one or travel frequently. For instance, there are currently millions of users all over the world playing live casino games right on their computers, phones or tablets. All completely securely and fairly. The only thing you need to look out for is finding a reputable live casino online. However, you’re here at Slot E Wallet, which means you’ve successfully completed the first step towards winning real money from home.

Advantages of Slot E Wallet Live Casino

Our only goal is to help you have the most fun you can with live casino games online. Which is why we provide every benefit that is in our power to offer. For instance, a fast and easy sign-up process, complete trust in our games, and of course, bonuses that extend beyond slots to benefit our table game players as well. Including the many people who chose Slot E Wallet specifically for the live casino offers.

Take one look at the current gaming selection and you’ll understand why Slot E Wallet is the top choice of live casino players all over the country. Additionally, experts in casino gaming rate us highly in terms of all the following.

  • Slot E Wallet offers an incredible range of live casino options
  • Many games come in exclusive variations only available here
  • Complete trust and fairness in the rules of every game
  • Competitive odds that give you even better chances of winning than a traditional casino
  • Fully licensed and regulated to provide live and many other types of online casino gaming
  • Customer support is around the clock – contact us any time you have any issue with live casino or any other activity

Live Games

You can play any game available inside a casino online. All it takes is finding the right live casino to do it in, but since you’re here at Slot E Wallet, we’d say you have that part covered. The next step is deciding which games to play. For instance, if there’s a game you already know and love, or a new one you would like to learn how to play, then there’s never been a better time to start.

Moreover, there may never be a better method of playing than in a live casino online. One reason that many players prefer it this way is that they have all of the benefits of both online betting as well as what traditional casinos offer. For instance, you get complete anonymity, but you can also play in real time with a human dealer. Additionally, games take place using the same cards and casino equipment that you’re familiar with. Rather than being purely software based like standard online casino games.

How to Play Live Casino Games

 Playing live casino games is no more difficult than the regular ones. First, you’ll need to create an account, and since there are no free live dealer games available, you’ll also need to make a deposit to play for real money. These two steps shouldn’t take more than a few minutes as we have made every effort to keep it as simple as possible. Secondly, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the current deals on offer for your deposit.

Once you have this set up, you’re all set to start playing live casino games. In fact, the hardest part for you will be choosing from all of the many options available here. See below for the most popular live dealer games currently.

Live Roulette

 Do you love classic varieties of roulette? You can now play American, French and European roulette without stepping foot inside a casino. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the creativity of live gaming developers. Who have added jackpots, themes and other special features to make roulette even more exciting online.

Live Blackjack

 Put your powers of deduction to the test with live casino blackjack. You’ll gain all of the same practice and intensity you get from an in-person session of one of the world’s most important card games. Blackjack is the only game besides poker that truly combines skill and luck for an unbeatable gameplay.

Test out different variations of blackjack online or even practice the basic blackjack strategy. Which gives you a better edge at winning against the casino.

Live Baccarat

 We’ve brought the most popular casino game in Asia to you. Live baccarat is the high-roller’s top choice for a reason. It offers incredible odds of winning and is also very fast-paced and easy to learn. However, many players still feel intimidated by the game. So, they would rather learn without any of the embarrassment of doing so around other people. Therefore, live casino baccarat is the ideal scenario to get in on the fun of this classic game.

Live Craps

There aren’t many other games that come nearly as close to the joy and pure entertainment that is a busy craps table. That is until you check out online craps live. Not only are the rules very straightforward. But like roulette, you get many different betting options.

Live Poker

 As perhaps the most popular card game in the world, live poker online is always an amazing choice. Poker players are very passionate about their game. Which is why we’ve put so much thought and effort into our live casino selections of the game. It doesn’t get any better than live poker at Slot E Wallet. You can choose from full tournaments, video poker, and live dealer options of all the casino versions players love.

Even if you’ve never played poker before, we guarantee there is the perfect game for you right here. Check out the live casino and see exactly what you’ve been missing.