The Absolute Best Live Casino Bets You Can Make

Live Casino Bets

When deciding which live casino bets to make next, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the games with the overall lowest house edge are the first to consider. This is where the casino has a lower advantage over the player. Additionally, even among the games with the lowest house edge, you should also consider which bets are the most worthwhile.

Are Live Casino Bets Online Fair?

Live Casino Bets

The only way to know for sure that your live casino bets will be as fair as any land-based casinos. Is by playing at a licensed and regulated online casino. For instance, Slot E Wallet is one of the most well-known and trustworthy online casinos in the region. Where you can always depend on getting fair rules, competitive odds and incredible payouts.

Live Blackjack Using the Basic Strategy

When playing live casino blackjack online while using the basic blackjack strategy, you can lower the house edge to less than a percent. This makes it one of the best live casino bets you could possibly make. 

Of course, this also depends on the number of decks in use for the game. Therefore, look for games that have fewer decks or at least find out how many decks are in the game. So, you can easily determine what the house edge is before you begin playing.

With the basic blackjack strategy, you are taking the best action no matter which set of cards you hold in your hand. In addition to whatever card the dealer has facing up. Basic blackjack strategy tells you when to hit, stand, double down and more. So that no matter what, you’ll be doing what is necessary to have the highest chance of winning.

Craps Don’t Pass or Don’t Come

The classic game of craps is a great option because it has some incredible live casino bets with awesome odds. For instance, the don’t pass/don’t come bets in the game is just a bit better than the pass line bet. However, both are excellent choices overall when you consider other casino games you could be playing.

In this bet, the house edge is just over 1 percent. Which you can roughly cut in half by laying double odds. However, many experienced players prefer to bet on the pass line with the shooter.

Baccarat Banker

Baccarat is the most popular game in most Asian countries with very good reason. This game offers about fifty-fifty odds of winning when you are betting on either the banker or the player to win. However, the banker bet does have a slightly smaller house edge than the player bet. Although it does require you to pay a tiny commission to the house on your wins. Still, on the banker bet the house edge is around 1.6 percent which is fantastic.

Baccarat Player Bet

The next best bet in baccarat is the player bet, which has only a slightly higher house edge than the banker at 1.25 percent. Moreover, on this bet you don’t need to pay a commission, so for that reason many players prefer it.

The only baccarat bet you may want to avoid at most times is the tie bet, which is notoriously bad. Giving you a house edge of over 14 percent. Experienced baccarat players would refer to this as a live casino bets for suckers only.

Other Great Bets – Video Poker

While they can’t really count as live casino bets, video poker is another amazing option when it comes to having low house edge. On average, the house edge is under 1 percent. Moreover, video poker is different from tournament or sit and go poker as it isn’t as complicated to learn. So, even if you don’t have any experience with poker, you may want to check out the video poker selection at Slot E Wallet.

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